Ernst Rachwalsky

Poland, Schlesien, Glatz
UK, London, Ealing
FatherJulius Rachwalsky (25/10/1857 – ) 
MotherEmma Krauss (29/09/1861 – 17/02/1920) 
Partner Marie Luise Schlesinger (04/09/1896 – 01/09/1974)

Married 22/06/1920 Poland, Schlesien, Breslau




Otto Heinz (Henry) Rachwalsky (24/10/1921 – 24/09/2023)

Peter Ludwig (Louis) Max Rachwalsky (10/09/1929 – 20/10/2023)


Doctor of medicine and medical practioner.

"he practised as a physician and radiologist in a fashionable Berlin clinic (Augsberger Strasse) between 1926 and 1936. He had become interested in radiology due to his specialisation in gastroenterology."

A Dr. Ernst Rachwalsky, who started medical studies at the University of Munich in 1908, was retrospectively registered as a medical student in Britain in 1935.

Medical practitioner Ernst Rachwalsky, doctor of medicine Emma Leonore Rachwalsky of the same address and Ernst's son Peter Ludwig Max were naturalised by the UK in 1948.

An Ernst Rachwalsky appears in the electoral registers for Wimpole Street, St. Marylebone, London between 1959 and 1961.

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